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What are they saying about Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque?

Wink and a Smile

“The film (A Wink and A Smile) is as much about their quest for self discovery, personal liberation and empowerment as it is about the show they ultimately present. As such, it allows you to reflect on your own curiosity, while watching and enjoying their successes. But, if you’re scandalized by nudity, suggestive dancing and sexual fantasy, this may not be the film for you–although you might actually find it liberating, too. Anyway, for a bit of a guilty pleasure, take a peek at the trailer.” Jennifer Merin,

“When I met a woman who was studying burlesque at Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque in Seattle, however, I almost fell over. I knew burlesque would contain everything that would make a film I could be proud of: cultural revolution, fantastic music, beautiful costumes, true tales, and sex appeal that would speak to every age, race, gender and size.” Deirdre Timmons, Director of A Wink and A Smile, Alarm Press Interview

Christie Johnson's World“The Art of the Tease is sweeping the nation and the Northwest for that matter. I wasn’t sure what I would learn, or have to wear for that matter, when I signed up to go and see what Burlesque is all about – but what I found was a group of people so comfy in their own skin that it put me at ease instantly. From the gloves, to the feather fans, and the pasties, (yes you read that right….pasties) the clothing was so feminine and beautiful. It really is a fun way for adults to play.” Christie Johnson, King 5 News Christie Johnson's World

“Check out the Seattle Academy of Burlesque. Their Web site contrasts the objective of stripping (revealing nudity) with the objective of burlesque — to “call attention to all the moments of revealing, and to tease just shy of nudity. Burlesque also encourages mockery and parody, so tends to be funnier and more lighthearted than stripping.” The Academy of Burlesque offers a smorgasbord of classes and workshops to help you release your inner diva, from tassel twirling workshops (“for all budding Helicopter girls”) to multi-week Burlesque classes that culminate in performances. Want to learn to walk in heels? Learn to bump and grind? Dance with feathers and boas? Learn the seductive art of stocking and glove removal? Get introduced to belly dance or hula? Simply imagining yourself in one of these classes might raise your pulse.” Eileen Nicol, Seattle Woman Magazine

Bachelor Pad Magazine


“Hundreds of performers have graduated from the Academy.  And they boast some of the skimpiest school uniforms around. (Not that we’re complaining.)” Bachelor Pad Magazine

“The Seattle Burlesque scene is populated with a number of beautiful and talented women, but burlesqueis not limited by gender. Burlesque performers that are male or simply wish to represent masculine or alternatively-gendered performances on stage comprise a category of burlesque performance known as “boylesque.” Stevi Costa,

“That’s the great thing about boylesque,” Kenison (Waxie Moon) continues, “I can go out there and do anything because no one would ever say, well that’s not boylesque. It can be anything, I can tap-dance, I can sing. I choose to strip, but I can do anything.” Shawn Telford, Seattle PI
“A little extra knowledge, a few new skills and a bit of extra spice added to your life.” Nadine Bedford, Seattle Events Examiner

“For Sarah, a 23-year-old University of Washington student who recently saw her first burlesque act at the graduation of the fall class of the Miss Indigo Blue Academy of Burlesque, this is the clincher. “This was the first time I have ever seen dancers on a stage who look just like me,” she says. “I have hips, I have thighs, I have boobs and I’ve never felt sexy. They were so beautiful. I’m signing up!” Cheryl Murfin, Seattle Woman Magazine





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