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“At the age of 42 and having nursed for more than two years — to get on stage, be funny, and strip. And I don’t even like to be naked! I’ll never forget the first time that I stood on stage twirling tassels, looking out into the audience and seeing about 20 friends — men and women — laughing and holding up their drinks. I thought, “Well, so much for being self-conscious.” It was extremely freeing. In the long run, it has also made daily dressing and just walking down the street a lot more fun! I feel like it’s something everyone should try once in their life, even if it’s in the privacy of their own home.” Deidre Timmons, Director of A Wink and A Smile

“Super happy with my purchase and can’t wait to go back!” 3/16/13

“I loved, loved, LOVED this deal! Tempted to attend the same classes again and will definitely try other classes offered. Classes were informative and entertaining. And the instructors were FABULOUS!” 4/9/12

“It was a great deal and intro to burlesque! I would definitely take another class from them.” 4/7/12

“Waxie Moon was a fabulous instructor, and I hope the other three intro classes are also taught by him – but I can see where the tassel twirling might be challenging… ;)” 3/16/13

“Quality of instruction is top notch — I had a great time. Shimmying is hard work!” 2/1/13

“The only reason I won’t return is that I have moved out of the state. I missed a couple of the classes but totally enjoyed the ones I took.” 4/7/12

“Great class and instructor; will definitely return for more” 4/5/12

“I am currently taking “Burlesque 101″ and am having a BALL. This has been something I have wanted to do for a long long time. In fact I think my interest in Burlesque started with Elvira Mistress of the dark. Her diamond tassel twirling at the end of her film wowed me at the ripe age of 8, and there was just no looking back. So yeah it took me 22 years to get into it, but I am INTO it!  My fabulous teachers at the academy are none other than Inga Ingénue and The Shanghai Pearl, and I want to make out with both of them right now. The only thing I wish for in class is more time. Our graduation recital is about 2 weeks away and I have hit the panic mode. Luckily my lovely teachers have insisted this is normal and not to fret. Oh they know so little about me ;-) The price of the course *seems* high when you look at it, but it is 6 weeks of classes which include private 2 on one classes that are extremely helpful. Yes you could learn all of this on your own, but if you are like me and have to work a day job you probably won’t have time. Highly recommend you just cut to the chase and have the professionals teach you. It’s so worth it.” Marissa S.

“I took a class with the famous “Shanghai Pearl” – super awesome chick who’s going where very very few Asian women would dare to go.  You learn the art of the tease – taking off your gloves for example, how to work with facial expressions, how to use a boa as an accessory, putting on a little dance.  If you take the entire series/course – you get to put on a performance at the end of it too!” Arry S.

“I have had several friends take classes from Miss Indigo and they all rave madly about their experience. I’ve met Miss Indigo on several occasions and I see why people love taking classes from her. She is patient, instructive, encouraging and a wealth of information; she is the perfect mentor for any girl or guy who wants to learn about burlesque.  I highly recommend to everyone that you drop in one of the student recitals or alumni shows; the performances will blow you away!” Brian G.

“I just went to see a graduation recital with my boyfriend as one of the graduates was a friend of ours. I’ve been to other burlesque shows, but this was a lot more entertaining! (especially when you know the performer personally) Some of the students looked a bit nervous at first, but they became more comfortable and relaxed as they took off (!!) their clothes and everybody cheered on. It was such an exhilarating and titillating experience (for both performer and audience)! The show was risque, quirky, and simply delightful. If you ever get a chance, please do treat yourself (and friends) to the exquisite world of burlesque!” Yumiko K.

“This past weekend, I went down to the Portland local Burn and, on a whim, entered the beauty pageant. I got an impromptu second place award they clearly weren’t expecting to give out — because when it came time for the “Lack Of Talent” portion of the show, I stepped up to the mic and declared my deep lack of talent at keeping my clothes on, then shimmied my way out of half of what I had on.
I am pretty sure that I would not have been able to do this without spending the past couple of months attending Indigo’s “Bump & Grind” classes! She’s taught me how to shake what I got.” Margaret T.

Gams Galore“I may not be the best person to write a review of MIB’s Academy of Burlesque…but then again…it’s possible I could be one of THE best…the reason being I’ve had sort of a “special” relationship with this fine institution of higher learning. Not only am I a 2007 graduate of Burlesque 101 and a 2008 graduate of Burlesque 202, but I was fortunate enough to be one of the students featured in the wonderful documentary “A Wink and A Smile”, starring Miss Indigo Blue and other talented burlesque performers from Seattle. The film showcases the progress of students from a Burlesque 101 class and examines some of their reasons for wanting to take it….off.
I might  suggest that if you are considering taking an Academy of Burlesque class you pick up a copy of the DVD ~ you’ll be so enchanted by it’s magical spell, you’ll be anxious to enroll at once!
My personal experience was totally positive. Indigo offers a humorous and encouraging introduction to the art of the tease. Once you have the basics, you have six weeks to create a character and put together an act. You’ll enjoy a fun and positive workshop atmosphere with lots of room for error and personal growth. The Graduation recital is totally glamorous and exciting as students perform their routines live for friends and family.
From there, you can take it as far as you like…Indigo offers specialty classes like Walking in Heels and Tassel Twirling, and they now even offer a Boylesque 101 class for glamorous guys, taught by the sensational Waxie Moon!  Almost makes me wish I was a boy…
If you’re completely and utterly hooked on performing, you may even find more chances to do so…it’s a supportive community and several of the students in both my graduating classes now perform regularly around town (even yours truly!)  In fact, ask almost any Seattle burlesque performer where they got their start and most will mention Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy.
Two snaps up! (and five stars!) to The Academy of Burlesque – a life-changing experience disguised as a helluva lot of fun.” Gams Galore

“Been to a couple of their shows and happily enjoyed myself.  Having managed a ‘team’ in Arizona, I know how hard these lovely ladies work and how difficult it can be.  So my ‘garters’ off you ladies and keep up the great work, the fun shows and the great crowds!  That’s the best part – people that enjoy having fun!! Oh, and even took my 75 yr old mom who absolutely loved the show as well.” Laura M.

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