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General FAQ

Are men welcome? Waxie Moon
Absolutely! Unless the class is specifically listed as open only to a specific sex or gender, all are welcome!

I’m plus-size/skinny/disabled/over60/have tattoos/have cellulite/under 18… do I fit in?
Absolutely! We do require participants in all activities to be 18 & over unless they have parental permission. Classes are open to persons of all backgrounds, sizes, ethnicities, languages, abilities, and experience levels. West Hall is wheelchair accessible.

Is Burlesque all glamour and glitter?
Burlesque, and particularly modern Burlesque, has many different manifestations. Glamour and glitter are just one! There is also punk-rock Burlesque, goth Burlesque, comic narrative Burlesque, Clown Burlesque, Boylesque, and more.

How is Burlesque different from Stripping?
Burlesque and Stripping have uniquely different objectives and dance techniques. Stripping’s objective is revealing nudity. Burlesque’s objective is to call attention to all the moments of revealing, and to tease just shy of nudity. Burlesque also encourages mockery and parody, so tends to be funnier and more lighthearted than Stripping.

What if I don’t live in Seattle?
Academy courses are taught all over the world. If you’d like to host a class in your city, please contact Miss Indigo Blue to find out how you can book her in your town!

Where do I get pasties?
We recommend, available from your instructors or at The Burlesque Boutique, extraordinary pasties for discriminating nipples.


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