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Anna MayWe know you have tons of questions about what Burlesque is, do you qualify as a student of burlesque, who are the instructors, how do you get to class, and so on.  Please go to the following pages to have your questions answered:

Where are classes?  How do I get there? 

Do you have a mailing list?

Can I hire you for my party?

Are men welcome? What about different body types? What if I don’t live in Seattle?

What will I learn in Burlesque 101? What should I wear?  Do I have to wear pasties?

What will I learn in the dance classes? What should I wear?  How many students are in each class?

What will I learn in Tassel Twirling?  What should I wear?  Do I have to be naked?

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General FAQ

Are men welcome?  Absolutely! Unless the class is specifically listed as open only to a specific sex or gender, all are welcome! I’m plus-size/skinny/disabled/over60/have tattoos/have cellulite/under 18… do I fit in? Absolutely! We do require participants in all activities to be 18 & over unless they have parental permission. Classes are open to persons of …

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About Burlesque 101

What will I learn? In the 6-week Burlesque 101 workshop you will learn the history and background of Burlesque as a performance art form. You’ll learn about how to develop a character, create an act, and choreograph a striptease to music. You’ll learn performance skills, and finally have the opportunity to perform in front of …

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About Bump & Grind

What will I learn? In the dance classes, you will learn the basics of the bump and grind, shimmy and shake, as well as short dance sequences that are sassy and fun. You’ll also do basic dance warm-ups and have a great workout! What should I wear? Wear comfortable stretchy clothing, and a short sassy …

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About Tassel Twirling

What will I learn? You will learn how pasties are made and what makes a *great* pair of pasties. You’ll learn how to affix and remove them from your body. And, you’ll learn how to twirl your tasseled pasties in at least 5 different ways! What should I wear? Comfy clothes and a shirt you’re …

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Seattle Burlesque Calendar   Local classes, events, festivals, and performances!!! Burlesque Seattle Press Articles & Publications The Definition of Burlesque The History of Burlesque Exotic World Burlesque Museum Brief Bibliography Allen, Robert C. Horrible Prettiness: Burlesque and American Culture. Chapel Hill & London: University of North Carolina Press, 1991. Barber, Rowland. The Night They Raided …

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“At the age of 42 and having nursed for more than two years — to get on stage, be funny, and strip. And I don’t even like to be naked! I’ll never forget the first time that I stood on stage twirling tassels, looking out into the audience and seeing about 20 friends — men and …

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